Why Become an Affiliate?

Becoming an academic affiliate with assignmentachievers.com opens unmatched winning open doors for you. Our procedures are basic and easy to use.


It's completely free

All you have to do now is sign up as an assignment help service affiliate. There is no charge to join.


Profitable Commissions

If your suggested contact registers with us, you will receive a 15% commission. Your friend will receive a 10% discount on the total order price.


Easy Payments

We will collect your payments from references, and you may transfer them to your account at the end of the month without problems.


Multiple reference channels

The larger the number of referrals to us, the higher the amount of your commission. Get extra commission by talking about the maximum number of individuals to join us. You can use social media, telephone or email references. All references may be readily tracked.


Recurrent revenue

You receive a $10 flat if your buddy puts an order for $100. Payments for the order placed are always received.


Long-Term Advantages

Registering with us will provide long-term benefits, not only in terms of the commission but also in terms of other sorts of assignment services. Moreover, produce simple reports and have them emailed to you on a monthly basis.

How Affiliate Marketing Program Works

Take Steps from in left bar inside the portal – All steps are there. Rough steps are listed below:

  • Request that your connections register with us using your referral link.

  • Your suggested contact gets added to our database using your unique link.

  • The referred contact will receive an immediate 10% discount on the first assignment order.

  • As soon as your suggested contact completes the payment, you will get a 10% commission.

  • Earnings are transferred to your PayPal or bank account every month with a simple click. You may also use them to make payments on your project.

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Become An Affiliate

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